12 Easy Checks for a Healthy Horse

This is an at-a-glance checklist to help you maintain a healthy horse.

  1. Eyes – Should be bright and clear.
  2. Mucous Membranes – Should be pink and moist
  3. Capillary Refill – Should be around 1 second
  4. Skin and Coat – Coat should have a shine and be free of visible injury.
  5. Gut – Gurgling sounds are normal
  6. Heart Rate – Resting heart rate is 36-44 beats per minute
  7. Respiratory Rate – Average 10-24 breaths per minute
  8. Back – Should be relaxed. Muscles should not be tense and there should be no sign of rubs or sores from the saddle or girth.
  9. Legs and Joints – Should have no heat or distinct swelling. Gait should be normal with no stiffness or visible discomfort.
  10. Hooves – Should be free of injury, including cracks or odor.
  11. Attitude – Should be alert, happy and bright.
  12. Appetite – Should be consuming feed, hay, and water readily, as it is provided. Reluctance to eat can be a sign of illness or other issues.



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