Does Your Daughter Need a Horse? She Sure Does! Part 2

She will meet boarders of all ages and levels of experience.

Having a horse boarded at Peachwood Horse Boarding offers a daily interaction for your ladies with people of all ages. We have men and women of all age groups and vocations. The boarders also have different breeds of horses to learn about and they have different skill sets. Being able to speak with a barrel racer, or a carriage driver can spark different interests in the different disciplines.


This can be an excellent opportunity for your daughter to make friends and there will always be something to share with others.

A horse will teach her humility.

It doesn’t take rocket science to own a horse, but there is a learning curve. She will soon find out what she does and doesn’t know about her horse. Her horse will be a great teacher. She will learn that she will not always get her lessons correct, but she has a wonderful animal that will work with her until she does get it right.

She will be taught by others what she is doing correctly or incorrectly and what to do to improve on the incorrect parts. The best thing she can do is listen. Horse owners have been there and done that. It would be wise of her to learn from their mistakes instead of experiencing them on her own.

Haille Margarite teaching Horsemanship 101 to a young lady.

A horse will keep her active.

She is going to be lifting, pushing, pulling, grooming, sweating, bending, stooping and eating dirt when she gets a horse. Many cowgirls have fantastic figures and they work hard for them.


She will develop her learning skills.

We all don’t learn the same way. Some just need to read a book, while some need to be told exactly what to do. Then there are those of us who need the hands on approach. Horse ownership is definitely hands on. She will improve that learning skill with positive activities and translate that to her school work and all other things she will learn in the future.


Still not convinced? Contact Haille Margarite for an introduction to horse ownership.


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