Source: America’s Horse Daily

ask_expertIn the event of horse colic, it’s important to prevent your horse from rolling.


Why is it so important to not let a horse with colic roll?

For the answer, we asked our friends at the American Association of Equine Practitioners.


This is a very common question. It is important to not let a horse with colic roll since they can injure themselves when they are rolling. The rolling rarely causes the intestine to move into an incorrect position but is a sign of the pain caused by the abnormal position of the intestines.

If the horse is trying to roll, I recommend walking them to distract them from the pain and possibly relieve the cramping from the colic. Walking can also help the gastro-intestinal tract expel gas, which may relieve the colic pain. If the horse is sitting or lying quietly, the horse can be left alone until the veterinarian arrives to examine him.

If the horse is uncontrollable and trying to roll, everyone needs to stay out of the way so they are not hurt by the painful horse.

— Dr. Christina Hewes, American Association of Equine Practitioners