When choosing a horse, you need to look at the breed, age, discipline, temperament and so on. You should have an experienced rider come along to help you choose your horse. Make sure the horse is built nicely sometimes horses can be really out of shape or have something called swayback so make sure you see the horses body to and ask if he has been injured, in an accident and most important make sure he has not been nasty in the past or been trained improperly.

Look at local ads on websites and feed stores. You can talk to people at barns and ask if they have any horses for sale.

Make sure that you want this horse. Be sure to include your ability in riding, and make sure you actually have ridden and know you like it, because a horse is a big commitment and a parent or legal guardian can sell or give away your horse in a flash.

Compare prices of different barns and eliminate the choices where it is impossible to even buy the horse.


Choose a breed that you are interested in. Consider breeds appropriate for your level.

  • Quarter Horses are good for beginners
  • Arabians are better for experienced riders.



Choose which discipline you want a horse to have. English, Western, Endurance, 4-H, Family, etc.

When choosing a horse, you must consider where to keep the horse. If you live in a really hot place, choosing a breed that is bred in the north and in cold environments is not a wise choice.

front_arenaYou need to have a wide paddock where you can keep the horse. wide field where the horse can run during a day. The field must be cleared of harmful weeds that if the horse eats, the horse will die.

Also, the paddock that the horse has to be kept at night must be clean. If you are not committed to changing the bedding in there, you should reconsider getting a horse.

horses eatingFood for a horse is also very important so changing the feed everyday is a huge commitment. Also, you must know what the particular horse that you are buying favors and must stay away from.



visit_horseRemember to go and see him at least four times a week. Horses can get very lonely, and need lots of attention.

If you are going on vacation, make sure you get someone to exercise and take care of him.