Quote of the Day:

A song is like a saddle: you ride it for a while, and if it’s the right kind of song you can sing it for the rest of your life.

Glen Hansard


All (or most) horses wear a saddle. Therefore it is wise to choose the correct one for the comfort of you and your horse.
Tack Shop

Search out good saddlery or tack shops. Signs of good saddles are fine fabrics, strong, supple leather, and lots of customers. If you can, ask fellow horse people (whether face-to-face or online) what their comments are on the shop and the tack it sells.


Be precise and decide one the type of saddle you want. There are lots of different types of saddles, ranging from Western, English, roping, dressage, jumping, gaited, and pleasure.

If you aren’t sure what type you want, ask some horsey friends of yours if you and your horse can try some of their saddles out. The more you can try, the better!

Return Policy Check out the store’s return policy. If you’re going to try the saddle on your horse, if it doesn’t fit, you’ll want to return it!

Saddle on HorseTry the saddle on your horse, and be careful with it so if it doesn’t fit you’ll be able to return it. There is nothing worse than a poorly fitted saddle. If it is too tight, the horse will constantly be squeezed, resulting in bad behavior, fear of saddles, and even bucking or rearing. If it is too big, it will bounce around on the horse’s back, throwing the rider around and causing the horse great discomfort.

moneyConsider the price, and see if you can get a similar saddle anywhere else for a better bargain. Check out online saddle shops and used saddles.

types of saddles

Determine your decision. Will you buy the saddle, try searching some more, or just stick with the one you have?