As the horse’s caretaker, we can help with that feel-good grooming process. Horses should be groomed both before and after being ridden or driven. Grooming before riding helps make certain that there is nothing tangled in the hair where the saddle or harness will rest. Grooming after the ride helps remove sweat and debris that accumulated during exertion.

Daily grooming also gives you a chance to detect and monitor any injuries or other health problems such as cuts, skin infections, allergic reactions, thrush, etc. Finding health problems early gives you the best chance of treating them successfully.

Roxanne with Riley.
Roxanne: Groom/Riding and Ground Exerciser. Riley is getting his day at her spa!

Grooming your horse is something that should become a habit. However, it is not the easiest habit to lock into. After all, it does take time, and we often are in a hurry.

That being said, there aren’t many times when such haste is essential. If we are going to ask that horse to carry us either in work or for pleasure for several hours at a stretch, we certainly can take a few minutes to groom him before climbing aboard. And, when we are finished with the horse, a thorough grooming should be the order of the day.

By: Les Sellnow

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